The secret of white musk


A musky room. A musky cologne. A man’s musk. We hear this word all the time, but what is it?  

Then there’s white musk. This scent is definitely one of my favorites. It's somewhere on the border between sweet and masculine, and whenever I smell it, the words primitive and sensual come to mind. What I love about this specific scent is that it mixes so well with others by bringing balance and elongating the fragrances blend. Today you can find it in luxurious perfumes from Hugo Boss, Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci, but its origins are a tad less glamorous than that. 

Musk actually comes from the butt of a musk deer. Yes you read that right. Back in the day these animals would be slaughtered for their musk glands, which are located...back there. The glands were removed, dried into a powder, and then soaked in ethanol for commercial fragrant purposes. Sounds...sanitary. 


Luckily for us and these creatures, this practice is a no go and has been replaced with creating a synthetic version called white musk. So rest assured when using any candles, perfumes, or home fragrances, Bambi's butt juices are not involved.


Some heavenly combinations with white musk are :

● Sage + cucumber

 Green grass + rose.

 Bergamot + mandarin orange

 Sandalwood + peony 

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