Candle Making Kit including a concrete vessel, glass beaker, soy wax, a wax pourer, wicks, vials of fragrance, and a mixer.
Lit Kit Candle making kit
Lit Kit | Custom Scents
Lit Kit | Custom Scents

Lit Kit | Custom Scents

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We designed this Lit Kit to bring the Lit Lab experience of fragrance crafting and candle making to your home, DIY style! Our goal is for you to experiment with scents and create a lit blend for your candle, which is why we include 5 different scents of your choice to play with.

The Lit Kit includes all the materials to make 1 candle and 2 refills. 


  • Lit Kit Candle Making Guidebook
  • Soy Wax
  • 1 Concrete Vessel
  • 3 Candle Wicks
  • 5 Vials of Scent
  • 1 Glass Beaker
  • 1 Wax Pourer
  • 3 Mixers

Price will vary depending on which candle shape and style you choose.  At the moment the kit includes all our normal sizes candles, but if you would like to make an XL candle just drop us a note!

You will need some additional tools to make and refill your candle, all of which are common household items such as a stovetop, saucepan, heat resistant bowl, kitchen thermometer, oven mitt, and scissors.


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