Love is in the air

Her scent is intoxicating. 

He smells SO GOOD. 

One of these thoughts has probably crossed your mind while entangled in your girlfriend’s hair or snuggled up into your boyfriend’s sweater. If not, it’s time to throw them away. 

Juuuuust kidding. But really, have you wondered why your partner’s scent is so irresistible? We’re no sexperts here, but smell is a key component in the law of attraction. How a person smells is determined by a multitude of factors from diet and lifestyle to environment or hygiene (obviously), so it makes sense that when you find someone who smells good to you, it means you found someone who shares similar factors. 

But it goes a bit deeper than that. You’ve probably heard of a little thing called pheromones, the natural perfume that gets us love drunk. Our bodies produce these chemical substances which are able to trigger different behaviors, and have been identified to function as opposite-sex attractants, same-sex repellents, mother–infant bonding attractants and menstrual cycle modulators, influencing what we call attraction and love. 

How does that even work? Well, pheromones send signals about genetic makeup, mood, and sexual orientation into the environment and these chemical signals are received by others directly to the hypothalamus, meaning our responses to these smells can be so immediate that we don't even realize what's happening with our bodies. 

So even if you have a dream guy or girl made up in your mind, the reality is you will be attracted to whomever your body tells you to, and it’s very likely that smell will matter more than hotness. Cause hey, at the end of the day we’re all animals here.

Speaking of animals, did you know male giraffes will headbutt female giraffes’ bladders to make them pee, then proceed to taste the pee in order to determine the female’s fertility? Yea, we didn’t really want to know about golden showers in the animal kingdom either, but you’re welcome.

Male bats are also a great example of the role smells have on attraction, these animals,  when courting, will disperse their scent by waving no so majestically in front of female bats, so they can determine which bat has optimal genetic compatibility. Some animals like brown lemmings males are even able to smell whether a potential female partner is a virgin, and if not, how many times she has mated, and of course, they much prefer the odor of virgin females. Poor lemmings, If only they knew.

Now it's true we don't go around like animals smelling each others' asses and the law of attraction is still a bit of a mystery, but it’s important to keep an open mind because love is in the air. Literally. 

If you want to set the mood this valentines day, explore our favorite romantic (and frisky) scent collection.

  ● White Musk           Coconut               ● Oud Wood     

Ylang Ylang         ● Sandalwood           Vanilla Bean    

  ● Sea salt                  ● Vetiver               ● Dark Chocolate


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