My name is Mallory, and I fucking love candles. I'm also the one behind this brand making them. I'm originally from Ohio, 24 years old, and have been living in Berlin for 2 years tinkering around with concrete and wax, eventually starting Lit Lab Berlin on the basis of scent, sustainability, and architecture.

I founded Lit not only because I love candles, but also because I love smelling things. Being away from home, I find solace in all sorts of scents that remind me of home. Like sliced ginger because my mom always uses it in her cooking (yay Taiwanese beef noodle soup!) or fresh waffle cones because the local ice cream shop always made new batches every hour. It's comforting. 

Anyway, my goal is to share this sense of connection through smell with you. It doesn't mean you have to make a candle that smells like ginger and waffle cones (idk, I would even do that), but I invite you to explore your favorites and make a combination that you couldn't find anywhere else. 

Every single candle is casted, painted, and poured by yours truly. I hope you love them as much as I love creating them! 



Mallory Chen xx