Our Mission

Refills + Soy Wax = Zero Waste + Clean Air 

Our goal is to make something beautiful that can be reused over and over again, and also leaves a greener footprint than the status quo. 90% of the candles on the market are made from paraffin wax, which emits carcinogens into the air and are generally advised to be burned in open air environments. It's all written on the label.

Why soy?

You've probably seen a trend in soy candles on the market, which is definitely an improvement because soy wax is a non-toxic and safer alternative for humans, pets, and the environment. We use 100% all natural, vegan wax extracted from soybeans, so rest assured when you use a soy candle you will find a slow, even, and most importantly clean burn. 


Why refills?

Our gorgeous candle containers are made to be reused, not thrown away. We offer affordable DIY refills with all the materials needed to pour a candle and create a new fragrance, as well as a soy wax insert option that can be placed directly into a used candle. Therefore our customers can continue to explore and create new fragrances, and continue to enjoy their Lit Lab candle.



Keep it lit.